XYZ-AiR: Artist-in-Residency



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De XYZ-AiR biedt ruimte aan internationale kunstenaars. De Artist-in-Residency nodigt kunstenaars, designers en denkers van buiten Nederland uit om voor een periode te wonen en werken in Zwolle. Studenten, culturele ‘newborns’ en nieuwe talenten, kunnen meeliften op de kennis van de gevestigde orde. De kunstenaar voert een project uit waarbij studenten van de Zwolse onderwijsinstellingen, recent afgestudeerden en bedrijven uit de creatieve industrie, een belangrijke rol spelen. Talentontwikkeling is een cruciaal onderdeel van dit residency-programma.

De XYZ-AiR wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door de Gemeente Zwolle.


Residency information

XYZ-AiR is a residency program, offered at no cost to participants. A fixed artist fee is given at the end of the residency after completion of the proposed work. International artists-in-residence are eligible to receive reimbursement of qualified expenses, such as air fare, ground transportation, and meals.

Located in the city of Zwolle, the XYZ-Area accommodates a broad range of artistic activity. Artists-in-Residence have access to extensive installation and production spaces belonging to the XYZ-Area as well as partnering businesses, colleges and universities.

This program provides artists of all disciplines related to spatial interventions, the means and facilities to work within a set commission-lead framework. The XYZ-AiR sets out with a specific commission in mind. Each residency focuses on a specific discipline whether art, design or architecture. The artist is selected based on their proposal. During the residency, the artist has access to a fast network of partners in the field of education and innovation. The residencies are year round. The XYZ-AiR thrives on intense involvement from local partners, and encourages dialogue between the artist, partners, students and local residents.

In line with our equal opportunities policy we welcome applications from artists irrespective of gender, disability, age, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. The board at XYZ-Area are dedicated to artistic excellence and the professional development of individuals and groups working within the arts and creative industries. We are committed to equality, diversity, fairness and inclusion across all art forms.


About the residency

Each resident is provided with sufficient studio space. Residents are not required to bring or buy their own tools and materials. A budget is given to the artist to buy materials and tools if not supplied by XYZ-Area. Part of the program is the involvement of students from different colleges and universities at certain stages of the process. The resident ‘master’ is paired with several local ‘companions’. Prior to the residency, the level of involvement from students is negotiated with the artist.

Individuals working in and across the disciplines of sculpture, video, photography, performance, poetry, music, and critical writing are invited to apply.

There will be several types of residencies. Each one will have a main emphasis on sculpture, design or architecture. Before applying, please read the call carefully. Even though we encourage artists from all fields to apply, some calls simply rule out some disciplines.



The 2020 application cycle for XYZAiR has closed now. Click here



  • XYZ-SCULPTAiR (visual art): a freestanding sculpture thematically portraying the dualism freedom beholds. Suitable for outdoor placement in public space.