Trading Places // Cambiando Posto //Internationale samenwerking // Educatie // Fontanarosa (IT) & Zwolle (NL)


[International programme high-lighting the use of stone processing techniques in contemporary art, design & architecture //  Introducing local young professionals from Fontanarosa to an international audience // Educating future young professionals from the City of Zwolle in the Netherlands // Development of human capital at both ends // Constructing a lasting relationship between both places]

Chris Peterson recently made a sculpture for the town of Fontanarosa and the idea surfaced to prolong the established connection. This collaboration aims at fostering the knowledge present in Fontanarosa with regards to stone processing techniques, allowing young professionals from Fontanarosa to share their knowledge with students from the City of Zwolle, underlining the importance of human capital for both places.

This opportunity will allow Dutch students from different schools, to experience working in stone, in a town renowned for its stone industry. An introduction to a centuries old art and craft. At the same time exchanging thoughts and experiences with local youth and young professionals, improving language skills on both sides, creating future opportunities for both partnering towns. A shining example of European mobility.

(Photo: Attilio Modano)